Complete Unknown (2016)

5.5 10 2,608

Dostupno u: 720p
Dostupni prevodi: Srpski
Direktor: Joshua Marston
Pisci: Joshua Marston, Julian Sheppard
Glumci: Erin Darke, Rachel Weisz, Hansel Tan, FaTye

This shape-shifting tale of the perils and pleasures of self-reinvention begins at a dinner party, when Tom's (Michael Shannon) co-worker arrives with an intriguing date named Alice (Rachel Weisz). Tom is convinced he knows her, but she refuses to acknowledge their history. And when Alice makes a hasty exit, Tom sets off after her. What follows is an all-night odyssey shared by two people, one needing to change his life, the other questioning how to stop changing

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